Sausages From Around the World

As a meat lover, you may already know that cultures all over the world serve sausage and prepare it in a range of ways. The different kinds of sausage have various flavors based on their origin and what spices are most common in that culture. But one thing is for sure; all these sausages are delicious in any dish you prepare. Broaden your knowledge of four sausages from around the world!

Italian Sausage

Italian sausage is popular when it comes to the different types of sausage. Interestingly, the Italian sausage you may find in the grocery store differs from the real deal, which is often seasoned with a variety of spices, making it even more flavorful! Like most types of sausage, this is pork, and you can cook it in various ways, including by grilling, smoking, or frying it.

Some spicy Italian sausage includes additional spices and hot red pepper flakes for that extra kick of flavor. On the other hand, sweet Italian sausage often has sweet basil to change the flavor slightly. One thing’s for sure—both are delicious!

Logan’s Sausage sells different types of Italian sausage, including sweet Italian sausage, hot Italian sausage, and smoked Italian sausage in both the sweet and spicy variety. Purchase some fresh and juicy sausage to prepare a perfectly authentic Italian dinner that’ll wow your friends and family.

Serving Italian Sausage

Italian sausage is popular in various dishes. Some serve it with a creamy red or white sauce, but others cook it alongside peppers to make a savory sandwich. But you could also top it on a pizza, make a sausage lasagna, or cook it on the grill.

Chorizo Sausage

So where did chorizo originate? Chorizo originated in Spain but eventually grew in popularity throughout Mexico, where individuals added different spices to change the flavor. Another difference between Mexican chorizo and Spanish chorizo is that you need to cook Mexican chorizo before eating it. Often, when you buy Spanish chorizo, it’s already cooked.

Longaniza is another popular type of chorizo that comes from Argentina. It’s not as spicy as Mexican chorizo and has a bit of a sweet taste because of the anise seeds it’s seasoned with. Like other sausage types, this is made with pork and seasoned for additional flavor.

At Logan’s, you can buy sausages from around the world! We’ve got both authentic and smoked Mexican chorizo as well as authentic Argentine-style chorizo. Thanks to its incredible flavor, our genuine chorizo sausage has been widely popular for over 35 years.

Serving Chorizo Sausage

When serving chorizo, you have various options, such as a delicious burrito or a great enchilada breakfast bake. If you’re not sure how to best cook your chorizo or want some recipes, then check out our recipe page for some mouth-watering ideas.


Nothing quite satisfies the tastebuds like a juicy bratwurst on game day! This popular type of sausage originated in Germany, and the love for this tasty meat has spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Get some bratwurst to throw on the grill for your next cookout, or have fun experimenting in the kitchen.

Logan’s Sausage sells different types of bratwurst, including plain and smoked bratwurst; both have an incredible flavor that you’ll crave after eating just one. Not only are our meats tasty, but they’re also free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, MSG, and other fillers, making them perfectly fresh!

Serving Bratwurst

When cooking bratwurst, most throw it on the grill to eat alongside a hoagie or other bun, perhaps even with some sauerkraut. Of course, you could also make mealtime a little fun by rolling your bratwurst inside pretzel dough for delectable pretzel bites. No matter how you cook the sausage you buy from Logan’s Sausage, you’re sure to love it!

Polish Sausage

Kielbasa is a European sausage type that originated in Poland. Like many of the other sausage types, its flavor differs from others because of the spices used to season it.

Like any other meat, kielbasa is often eaten at any typical mealtime, but many Polish households also have it on the table at Christmas and sometimes other holidays. Of course, Polish sausage is also a favorite in America when it comes to grilling the best food for game day!

Logan’s Sausage sells smoked and fresh kielbasa—plus hot and spicy Polish sausage. And our meats are only made with high-quality pork and beef that doesn’t contain any MSG or other additives. Buy a sausage seasoned with pepper, garlic, and more to ensure an authentic taste.

Serving Polish Sausage

What could beat a Polish sausage cooked in a cheesy potato casserole? This dish is savory, creamy, and downright scrumptious! Check out our recipes page after buying your tasty sausage from Logan’s; that way, you can cook up the perfect dinner. We can assure you you’ll love every bite!

Andouille Sausage

We end our journey of sausages from around the world in France with some yummy andouille sausage. Interestingly, this sausage type gained fame thanks to Louisiana Cajun dishes, where it’s quite popular.

If you need to find the best place to buy andouille sausage, then search no further than Logan’s Sausage! Not only is our meat fresh, but it’s also perfectly seasoned. How do we do this? We only prepare sausage in small batches to ensure each piece of meat gets the attention it deserves. Satisfy your tastebuds today.

Serving Andouille

Whether you have a taste for some gumbo, jambalaya, or another Southern dish, andouille sausage is the meat for you! We season our andouille with spices to ensure it has that authentic flavor, but if you’re a spice hound, then feel free to add additional seasoning to the meal you prepare.

Logan’s Sausage

There are many different sausages, and every country uses various spices to add a distinct flavor to theirs. When it comes to all these sausages, one thing’s for sure—Logan’s keeps authenticity in mind with every type we carry. So, whether you plan to buy some chorizo or Italian sausage (or you prefer a different kind of sausage entirely), buy it from Logan’s Sausage!