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Polish Kielbasa in cheesy potato casserole

Want to try an easy and delicious meat and potato meal that is not only cheesy and creamy, but filling and satisfying? Wait until you try this Kielbasa Sausage Cheesy Potato Casserole. This comfort food recipe is scrumptious, easy to make and simply delicious.I love making a simple casserole for dinner. When everything cooks in one pot, it creates the best flavors as everything combines. One bite of this cheesy potato casserole and you will know exactly what I mean. And then when it’s baked, the flavors are even more enhanced.Whenever I make this, I like to also serve it...

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Instant Pot Enchilada Breakfast Bake

I had an inspiration for breakfast this holiday morning, and it took barely an hour from start to finish. Made with eggs, corn tortillas, meat, onions, peppers, and cheese, this simple and delicious casserole provides the perfect base for wherever else your imagination takes you. If you’re feeding a crowd, go ahead and double the recipe, and then stack two pans inside your instant pot using the same cooking time.It starts with fresh eggs, some fresh vegetables, and as much heat as you like. You may choose to use spicy hot chorizo, or a milder version. Regular breakfast sausage or even...

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Julia A.

Hot Italian Sausage Pasta

I think pretty much 100% of people agree that you can't go wrong with Italian sausage and pasta. This recipe is great for whipping up a quick dinner on a weeknight that also tastes like restaurant quality. It has the perfect amount of spice from the Hot Italian Sausage that's combated with mild creamy tomato sauce and the perfect bite of al dente pasta. My favorite sausage to use in this recipe is hands-down Logan's Hot Italian Sausage. Not only is the flavor delicious, but it also has no preservatives, nitrates, or MSG. The sausage is made from high quality...

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Sarah E.

Cheesy Salvadorian Pupusas with Chorizo

One of my all-time favorite foods from Central American cuisines would have to be pupusas. Pupusas are flatbread pockets of corn masa dough that can be stuffed with a wide variety of fillings, and then lightly fried on a griddle. They are like a heavenly hybrid of crispy empanadas and chewy tortillas. In fact, I loved pupusas so much after trying them at a restaurant that I learned to make them myself.These authentic Salvadorian cheesy pupusas with chorizo are easy to make and SO delicious. After stumbling across Logan's Salvadorian Style Chorizo, I was super inspired to try this recipe!...

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