10 Tips for Grilling Bratwursts Like a Pro

10 Tips for Grilling Bratwursts Like a Pro

There are many different foods that can feature at your backyard BBQ, from potato salad to mac and cheese to hot dogs. But if you really want to make your party shine, then you’ll find no better food than bratwurst. Bratwurst can easily steal the show at any party if you know how to make it well. As such, this article will go over some of the best tips for grilling bratwursts that’ll impress everyone.

Purchasing Brats

Before getting to the tips, you first need to understand a few things about bratwurst and how to get it. There are many different stores and shops that sell bratwursts around the country, with plenty in your local shops and online stores. While many people will say that fresh bratwurst is the best, you can get just as amazing a flavor from a reputable seller online. So, choose your bratwurst at your own convenience.

Cooking Arrangements

The next part of grilling a good bratwurst comes down to your cooking tools and arrangements. A good bratwurst needs certain ingredients, like beer and water, and access to a good grill to make your bratwurst. You’ll also need a pot to boil and is large enough for your bratwurst and a place to boil the water in the pot. Once you have all these things, you’re ready to make your bratwurst.

Our Tips

While you can always look up a recipe for bratwurst, it won’t do you much good if you don’t also follow these tips to make your bratwurst the best it can be. As long as you find some bratwurst for sale, you can easily start cooking up some delicious meals.

Keep the Outside Complete

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while cooking a brat is breaking the outside layer of the sausage. The outer layer of the brat is what makes it so delicious at the end of your cooking, as it holds in all the meat and juice that gives the meat its flavor. Even a single hole from a fork or a burst from overcooking can mean you lose all the flavor of your brat. It’s best to use tongs or some other utensil that won’t break the skin on your brat while you cook.

Soak and Simmer First

Before you throw your brats onto a fire, you should be sure that you’ve fully cooked them, and that they have the most flavor possible. The best way to do this is precooking the brats in a broth of beer and water. Get a pot and add in beer and water in equal amounts (you can throw in other seasonings, like onions or garlic). Simmer the brat in this mix for 15 minutes to cook the sausage and add more flavor to it.

Charcoal Grill for Flavor

When you’re looking for a grill to cook your brats, find one that can use charcoal to fuel your flame. A good charcoal fire does more than just look amazing; it adds a unique flavor to the brat. This smokey flavor will complement the natural taste of the brat and help you make the best brat possible.

Don’t Use High Heat

One common mistake many people make when it comes to making brats or any grilled food is turning up the heat. While some people like their food burnt, overcooking the brats loses all the flavor. A high heat will burn the brat and cause the skin to rupture, and all that tasty juice to leak out.

Use Zone Cooking

Zone cooking is one of the best techniques to control the heat of your bratwurst. By dedicating an area of your grill to have low or no heat, you can move the sausage there to prevent the meat from overcooking or burning. Most people do this by putting coal in only one half of the grill, so they can contain the fire to only that half of the grill.

Keep It Short

If you properly boil your brat, then you don’t need to cook it on the grill for that long. This is a common mistake, as people cook their bratwurst for way too long because they worry that it’s not ready. However, you’ll burn your brats and cause all the liquid to pour out. Heating typically takes 5-10 minutes to properly grill after boiling the sausage.

Hit the Target Heat

You can always read the temperature of the meat if you’re still worried about eating meat that you’re not sure is ready. The standard for bratwurst made with ground pork is 160 degrees Fahrenheit for the internal temperature. Once you’re ready to serve the meat and think it’s done, take the temperature to determine if it’s safe. Although you’ll lose some juice, it’s worth it to be safe, and you won’t lose a lot of juice if you do it towards the end.

Don’t Wait Around

Once you finish cooking your food on the grill, it’s time to serve it. Leaving it to sit, whether it’s on the grill or not, will affect the quality and lose flavor. That’s why serving your bratwursts fresh off the grill can really make your party special. A lot of people like to cook in batches, with a pot boiling to get the next batch ready as they cook brats on the grill.

Use a Good Bun

A lot of people make the mistake of using a regular hot dog bun, but one of the best tips for grilling the best bratwursts is to plate it on a heartier bun. The light buns that come with hotdogs won’t match the heavy brats and will be disappointing for everyone. That’s why a good, dense bun is necessary for the proper bratwurst.

Get Your Toppings

There are countless toppings that match with bratwursts, so stock up on some options so people can enjoy as they want. From the basic ketchup to diced onions and relish, there are many toppings people love on their brats.

These are the tricks that the best chefs use to make their bratwursts, and now, you can also use them to create a great meal at home. Whether you decide to use these with friends or just enjoy a meal all your own, these tips will help you enjoy a fantastic bratwurst.

10 Tips for Grilling Bratwursts Like a Pro

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