What To Know About Creole vs. French Andouille Sausage

What To Know About Creole vs. French Andouille Sausage

When looking to purchase andouille sausage, you’ll often find multiple options and may be unsure about what the difference is between each choice. The most common types of andouille sausage are French and Creole sausages. While they may sound the same, there are many differences between these two foods. Here’s what you should know about these sausages before making a purchase.

Origins of Andouille Sausage

Andouille sausage originates from France, where almost every part of the pig’s digestive tract was used to make the sausage. This practice was a great way to use up leftover meat and still come out with a good food option.

Immigration to Louisiana

Although this food originated in France, it eventually found its way to Louisiana thanks to the many immigrants who arrived from France. While the taste remained the same for a while, it didn’t take long for other cultures to mix in their own flavors to create the Creole andouille sausage that many people love to this day. Though they came from the same place, there are a lot of differences between Creole and French andouille sausage.

Different Parts of the Pig

One of the biggest differences between these two dishes is the fact that Creole andouille sausage isn’t created using the same digestive tract. Creole sausage typically uses the upper shoulders of the pig, also known as pork butt, to create its unique flavor.

Changes to Spice and Flavor

Not only did the Creole sausage change its meat, but it also added in a bunch of different spices and smoked the sausage twice to finish the dish off. This gives the sausage a flavor that is uniquely different from that of the original French andouille sausage. The heavier emphasis on spices to create a different flavor sets the Creole sausage apart.

Once you understand these differences and why there are two types of sausage, you can pick out the one that’ll best suit your needs. Whether you’re using them as an ingredient or as the main dish, both sausages can match any flavor profile you want. Choosing the best sausage for your needs can make your meal that much better.

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