Polish Kielbasa in cheesy potato casserole

Want to try an easy and delicious meat and potato meal that is not only cheesy and creamy, but filling and satisfying? Wait until you try this Kielbasa Sausage Cheesy Potato Casserole. This comfort food recipe is scrumptious, easy to make and simply delicious.

I love making a simple casserole for dinner. When everything cooks in one pot, it creates the best flavors as everything combines. One bite of this cheesy potato casserole and you will know exactly what I mean. And then when it’s baked, the flavors are even more enhanced.

Whenever I make this, I like to also serve it with a vegetable side dish. You can go with a simple cooked vegetable, like green beans or carrots. Another option is to serve this with a simple side salad. And, here are a few more delicious side dishes.


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