Mexican vs. Salvadoran Chorizo: What’s the Difference?

Mexican vs. Salvadoran Chorizo: What’s the Difference?

Various types of sausages originate from cultures around the world. Each type differs because each culture uses distinct spices and preparation methods. As you satisfy your tastebuds with the many kinds of sausage, you may find yourself wondering about Mexican vs. Salvadorian chorizo. What's the difference? Fill your mind with tasty knowledge as you learn about these two types of chorizos.

What Is Salvadoran Chorizo?

Traditionally, people season ground pork with vinegar, wine, annatto powder, and other spices to make Salvadoran chorizo. Additionally, Salvadorean chorizo is typically a shorter sausage and only sold fresh. In contrast, you can buy Mexican chorizo dried. If you don't love spicy food or the sensation it causes on your tastebuds, then we suggest eating Salvadoran chorizo since it's full of flavor but isn’t so spicy. 

Are you unsure how to best serve Salvadoran chorizo? Consider cooking up some delicious pupusas to eat with your Salvadorian chorizo. You can cook the sausage in a grill, pan, or oven.

What Is Mexican Chorizo?

When eating both these types of chorizos, you'll also notice that Mexican chorizo is much spicier than the Salvadoran style. Mexican chorizo contains red pepper, chile peppers, and various other spices.

There are many ways to serve Mexican chorizo. Most cut it up to eat it in tacos or burritos, and you can also eat Mexican chorizo in other dishes like enchiladas.

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