3 Ways To Serve Polish Sausage Like a Pro

3 Ways To Serve Polish Sausage Like a Pro

Kielbasa is a staple in Poland, and people around the world love the many types of Polish sausage because of the incredible blend of flavors and juicy meat. Sure, you can enjoy this sausage fresh off the grill in a soft bun, but you could also get more creative. Traditionally, there are many ways to cook and serve this meat, and each way enhances the dish for different reasons. In this article, we've compiled the top three ways to serve Polish sausage like a pro so you can satisfy your tastebuds.

Test Out Different Cooking Methods

Aside from grilling, you can also cook sausage by boiling, panfrying, or baking it, and each method is great for different reasons. One of our favorite options to recommend at Logan's is air frying your Polish sausage; this is a total game changer! The link gets nice and crispy on the outside, while the inside of the sausage remains deliciously juicy.

The best cooking method may also depend on the type of kielbasa you plan to serve. Many of us enjoy Zwyczajna cooked on the grill. However, other types of Polish sausage, like kabanos, are traditionally served cold on an appetizer platter.

Cooking Tip

Some people even cook polish sausage at a bonfire because it gets extra crispy and smokey—the perfect blend between frying and grilling! If you do this, remember to keep the links close to the fire and give them at least 15 minutes to cook.

Pick the Best Sides

When it comes to knowing how to serve sausage like a pro, you must consider your sides carefully. A meal is all about presentation and the appropriate blend of flavors. If you want to cook something yummy, consider serving it alongside some fried veggies and pierogis, beans, or even a potato soup! Many people in Poland also love baking their sausage in a Dutch oven with some sauerkraut.

Cooking Tip

You could also blend your sausage with the side you'd like to serve. Many people recommend mixing your kielbasa with a hunter's stew because the meaty flavor pairs perfectly with the mushrooms and juniper.

Buy the Best Quality

You could find the most mouthwatering recipe on the internet, but it won't do this meat the justice it deserves without quality sausage. Logan's has Polish sausage for sale that will taste perfect no matter how you prepare it!

To serve your sausage as the experts do, decide what cooking method works best for the meal you've envisioned. Grilled or air fried links are best for sausage dogs piled high with your favorite toppings, but boiled sausage is great for a savory stew. Once you pick out your sides and buy your sausage, it's time to start cooking. Satisfy your hunger with some delicious kielbasa!

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