Cheesy Salvadorian Pupusas with Chorizo

One of my all-time favorite foods from Central American cuisines would have to be pupusas. Pupusas are flatbread pockets of corn masa dough that can be stuffed with a wide variety of fillings, and then lightly fried on a griddle. They are like a heavenly hybrid of crispy empanadas and chewy tortillas. In fact, I loved pupusas so much after trying them at a restaurant that I learned to make them myself.

These authentic Salvadorian cheesy pupusas with chorizo are easy to make and SO delicious. After stumbling across Logan's Salvadorian Style Chorizo, I was super inspired to try this recipe! This chorizo has such a great bite and mouth feel, the perfect addition to these gooey empanadas. It's even better that Logan's chorizo is never mass produced like some other chorizos on the market. It also can't hurt that the flavor is both authentic and fantastic. You have to try these cheesy pupusas with Logan's Salvadorian Style Chorizo!


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