Choripán: Grilled Argentine Chorizo with Chimichurri

First of all, what is Choripán? Choripán is an extremely popular South American streetfood with origins in Argentina, the name coming from it's main two components: Chorizo and Pan, or bread in English. The type of bread used is usually crispy, like a baguette. Choripán is also typically topped with chimichurri, which adds a nice pop of freshness and zest to the dish.

This recipe is a quick and easy alternative to hot dogs or burgers, and it's been my new go-to on the grill this summer after discovering Logan's Mild Argentine Chorizo. Before I found this brand, it was almost impossible to find authentic Argentine Chorizo in the States. But Logan's fresh, quality sausage has been a game-changer, and it also has no artificial ingredients! Their Mild Argentine Chorizo is absolutely perfect for this Choripán recipe. Juicy, flavorful sausage on the grill... I can't think of a better way to spend a summer evening.


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